Yo ho ho io

Yo ho ho io game is funny Battle Royale arena for survival and hunting for treasures. Pirate battle for gold in the game yohoho.io going on three different islands. Map changing occurs depending on the level of your character. Thus, you will fight with rivals close to you in level.
To increase level you need experience that you can get in battles. In order to unlock new skins you need experience and gold. Search for treasure chests and destroy competitors to get rich.

Yo ho ho io

Yo ho ho io unblocked

How to play

In addition to treasure hunting, the battle in the game Yo ho ho io includes popular Battle Royale rules. So, playing space gradually narrows and the last surviving pirate wins the round.
This game has some important features.
1. Size of character and length of weapon increase with the accumulation of gold reserves in each battle. This gives a clear advantage in close combat with little enemy.
2. Only various types of hand weapons are available for battle: sabers, swords, and so on.
3. There is an opportunity for a swift attack in dash. In this way you can deliver a crushing blow from long range.


Everything is simple.
Character follows cursor.
Click LMB to attack.
Press and hold LMB to charge dash.