Worms Battle Royale

Wormroyale.io is online Worms Battle Royale game in slither io style, but with quite short and intense rounds. Wormroyale io game looks quite interesting and exciting, because you just don't get tired of crawling around the playing field for hours. Here everything is solved in a matter of minutes.
Since this is Worms Battle Royale, the main goal in the game is to remain last survivor. Mass buildup is not priority. An interesting fact is that the excess size can even complicate your game in final stage.

Worms Battle Royale

Worms Battle Royale game

How to play

It's easier for a small snake to maneuver in order to take a vantage point. At the same time large one is clumsy but can surround small enemy. What strategy you choose depends on your game tactic. Remember that territory will shrink to tiny sizes and you need to be in center at the time of last wave.


Everything simple like in all snake io games.
Worm follows cursor
Click LMB to speed up. It is worth noting that the loss of mass during acceleration isn't significant.