Sword.io is a great online game with some Battle Royale elements. Your character in the game sword io increases mass thanks to swords collected on battlefield. Swords rotate around and creat weapon ring. This halo is your character’s weapon and armor. The battles goes on for short rounds where the last alive player wins.
You will receive rewards for your gaming achievements and for additional activity. The money received must be used for upgrades of main characteristics: speed, profitability, attack, defense. The higher level, the more money you need for improvement.


Sword.io game

How to play

In Sword.io battles you must collect weapons and boosters to make your character stronger. But, most importantly, you need to switch from attack mode to defense mode in time. It is also important not to rum obstacles of the warning coloring and not to approach black hole.
Rocket booster increase speed for some time, and a yellow star booster increases rotation speed and power of your ring.


Control in the game is very simple and equally convenient on any gaming device.
To move, click and specify direction of movement with the cursor or pointer.
Release the pointer to stop and activate protection mode.