SkyRoyale io

SkyRoyale io is a dynamic and full-bodied BattleRoyal game. Sky Royale io is an innovation in the style of Battle Royale io games where you have to control an aircraft. The basic rules of Battle Royale are greatly changed and interpreted in a new way. Nevertheless, your task is to stay in the battle as long as possible to get number one and become a winner. The longer you are in the battle and the more rivals you destroy, the higher your rating. Your position in the rating you can see next to the name of your character. Also here the reserve of vital energy is visible.

SkyRoyale io

SkyRoyale io game

How to play

Starting the game your position is usually 60. This is the number of players provided on one playground. The reward for fighting merits will be experience points. Each time EXP is received you will see it on the screen. As you gain experience, your rating and combat characteristics will increase. If you succeed шт SkyRoyale io, you will see the number 1 next to your nickname.
The appearance of your aircraft can vary. In the beginning, you only have one stock version of the skin in which you can only change the color. Other options are provided for playing SkyRoyale io from mobile devices. And as additional skins will open to you after shareing game Sky Royale io. Shells will change as experience increases.


Aircraft is moving behind the cursor.
Shoot with the LMB.
The right button use to activate skill.