The concept of implies a series of Battle Royale io games in the genre of the popular game Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, but in 2D io version. Usually this is a 2D grafic with a simple flat gaming surface. The most popular io games are Zombsroyale, Surviv, Foes, Mobg, Bruh with the general distinctive features of Pubg io style. All events unfold in the same plane on the surface of which the game objects are located. That is why, the requirements for IO games are rather modest, which makes it possible to easily connect hundreds of players in online mode. Despite the fact that visually these games are very simple, it's very interesting to play because the main thing is that the great idea of the game remains unchanged. Thanks to the ease of Pubg io games a much larger number of online users can play and enjoy.

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Basic properties and distinctive features of io games in style.
- The game goes on a small area and lasts until only one remains alive. This principle of the Last Man Standing is also called Last player alive wins.
- Next mandatory feature of BattleRoyal io games is narrowing of the battlefield. Thus, the game events are activated and become more intense.
- For the beginning, you have to find means to survive. Each player must constantly defend your self and hunt for adversaries during the game.
These are the main unchangeable points for all Battle Royale io Games.
The history of the genre is associated with the appearance and common recognition of the game PUBG for PC.