Mopeio Battle Royale

Mopeio Battle Royale is an excellent survival mode for the popular game. Evolutionary rules remained unchanged. That is, as before, eat food, eat rivals, use individual skills and enjoy your favorite gameplay. But, now the game is supplemented by the Battle Royale mode which is also improved by new idea. The novelty for Battle Royale style is that now the game space will not only shrinks but also move. After compression, safe game zone in new Mope io mode begins to migrate and change its location.

Mopeio Battle Royale

Sorry for the inconvenience! Currently, Battle Royale mode is not working.

Mopeio Battle Royale game

How to play

The game begins after a short wait. During this time, a group of competing players is formed (about 200 competitors). Start the game without delay from the very beginning. Do everything to develop your character as quickly as possible.
Beware of competitors and watch for shrinks and movement of the safe zone. Follow the usual rules for evolution and take into account the peculiarities of the new mode. Only one last survivor wins in Battle Royale games!