MiniRoyale2 io is a free 3D Battle Royale game with a cool first-person view. The urban battlefield in is quite small, which makes the game very specific. Use houses and other obstacles as an indispensable component of compact street combat.
Updated version will delight you with excellent quality graphics and improved gameplay. As before, you can play this game for free in your browser.


MiniRoyale2 game

How to play

Your main task in MiniRoyale2 is still the same. You have to survive in accordance with Battle Royale rules. That is, you need to be the last to get the title of winner and earn the maximum points. First, you need to choose a landing place. After, the helicopter will take you to the specified location. From the very beginning, you have the cool Beretta in your hands with a small ammunition load. Find powerful weapons, armor, and boosters to arm yourself. Look around carefully in search of the enemy. Improve your tactics to become an invincible commando.


WASD - move
LMB - shoot
RMB - aim
Spacebar - Jump
F - take an item
R - reload
1-2 - change weapons