MineRoyale io

MineRoyale io game is interesting Battle Royale mode for minecraft theme. In accordance with new rule the game MineRoyale.io is divided into short battles during which you need to find resources, create weapons and clothing, and stock up healing elixir. All this is necessary in order to fully prepare for a meeting with the enemy.
For treatment in Mine Royale io game, mushrooms are used that need to be found and then cooked. Part of the health can be restored without healing, but this happens very slowly.

MineRoyale io

MineRoyale io game

How to play

On the map you can clearly see the play area and the border of the next shrinking. It is also worth paying attention to the lines on the map - these are the main mines along which you can move without any additional effort. Here you can find some resources. But staying in this area causes you damage. To move in the other direction you will need to make your way. To do this, use a pickaxe or dynamite (TNT). You can block a dug tunnel using blocks in your inventory.


AWSD to move. Cursor to point action.
Action - LMB.
Shift - to stay invisible for enemy.
1-6 or mouse wheel change item from inventory.
E - craft.