Krunker io

Krunker io is the first-person view online shooter. Within 4 minutes of the match you need to earn as many points as possible by destroying competitors. The game is surprisingly light and quick as for a 3D online shooter. There are almost no lags and problems with textures. It loads very quickly and easy for the gaming device. The graphics are simple, but this is not the main thing for shooting games.

Krunker io

Krunker io game

How to play

All the events in the game are developing very quickly and will not keep you waiting long. After entering the game, you immediately join the group and begin the battle. After the end of the round, you will see the statistics of the match and after a few seconds a new round will begin. Everything happens lightning fast - you fired 4 minutes, then take break for a few seconds and again into battle to take revenge or win again. This really is very addictive. Especially adds excitement the fact that you come back to the same group and overflowing with the desire to get even with the offenders.


AWSD - move, mouse - control the view, LMB - shoot, RMB - aim.