Kize io

Kize io is a 2D Battle Royale game filled with all the cool elements inherent in this style. In addition, offers the opportunity to create a custom battle. Start round with an ax in your hands and arm yourself to the maximum. Build walls to protect yourself from enemies. Do not go outside the survival zone and restore health if necessary. Strengthen your armor to increase stamina. In general, use any tricks to survive on a shrinking battlefield and become the last survivor to win this online battle.

Kize io

Kize io game

How to play

In the kize io game you can drive a car, jump over obstacles and build walls. These additional options will partially help you survive. But the main emphasis should be placed directly on a competent combat engineer. Move smartly, seek shelter and constantly change location. Look for powerful weapons, strengthen armor and restore HP.


WASD - move
Click - shoot
Spacebar - jump
Q - build
R - reload
E - open chests
F - pick up item
1-5 - items in inventory
M - map