The game Helmetroyale.io differs from other Battle Royal io games with cool original graphics and relatively high speed of game process. Characters in Helmet Battle Royale io game move a little faster than in other games of this style. You will also need to get used to some features and limitations.
You have only three weapon slots in your inventory. To get drop from chest you need to destroy it and then pick up items you need. Game has four grades of weapons that differ in color.


Helmetroyale.io game

How to play

In Helmetroyale.io game more attention is paid to armor and boosters to enhance it. In order to increase your protection you need to find helmet, boots and shield. Also, you can apply booster to increase your stamina.


To change weapons you can use buttons 1 2 3 or click on icon.
To activate boosters or first-aid kits 7 8 9 or click on item in inventory.
WASD - move
LMB - attack
R - reload
Shift or space - speed up.