Gangsterz io

Gangsterz io game is based on the popular Yohoho io battle. New Yohoho2 will pleased you with some completely new components. In the game Battle Royale, we have the opportunity to restore health directly in battle. To do this, you need to buy a pet that will treat your gangster. For a more effective treatment, a pet can be upgraded for gold earned in battle.

Gangsterz io

Gangsterz io game

How to play

The gameplay in Gangsterz io game in most corresponds with Yohoho io battle. But new skins, weapons and pets have been added. Therefore, the goals in the game are the same:
1. Fight to stay the last survivor and win the battle.
2. Do not forget about gold. The more coins you collect, the stronger skins you can buy and maximize the abilities of your healer pet.


The character follows the pointer.
Left mouse click - one hit.
Press and hold the left mouse button to prepare for a powerful blow or speed up. Release at the right moment to make this action.
The pet treats the gangster when it is close to the owner.