Ev io is one of the most modern first-person shooter with Battle Royale and Deathmatch modes. Enjoy all the benefits of a cool browser shooting game and get NFT. In Ev.io game you will find rich graphics in futuristic style, fantastic weapons, incredible character abilities and top performance. But the main thing remains the same, as always, you need to fight bravely and skillfully. Run, ambush, interact as a team and destroy opponents. You can choose solo or team deathmatch or Battle Royale mode to fight according the last man standing rule.

Ev io

Ev io unblocked

How to play

Playing Ev io you earn game currency for each game achievement by participating in tournaments and contests. It is also possible to get a random reward in any mode.
Consider how to get NFT in Ev io directly in the game.
1. You can find tokens that randomly appear in the game. Just bod take the prize as normal loot.
2. You can get tokens as a reward for the destroyed boss. Bosses also appear randomly in the game.artners.


WASD - move
LMB - Shoot -
RMB - zoom
R - reload
Shift - run
C - crouch
All control options can be changed!