DinoRoyale.io is very easy relaxing game with rule of last dinosaur standing on shrinking battlefield. Your challenge in Dinosaur Battle Royale is to grow the largest dino and remain the only player at the end of round. To do this, you need to deftly run around in order to collect food and avoid collision with a larger predator. The most nutritious food is your online rivals. Therefore, to quickly increase mass, you need to destroy competitors that are smaller than you.


DinoRoyale io game

How to play

From the first seconds of DinoRoyale io game, collect all fruits and berries to increase your level as quickly as possible. If you already have an advantage in size, then you can attack other dinosaurs. Eating competitors gives a greater increase in mass than plant foods.
Rounds in this fun dinosaur battle are very short. Therefore, winner is determined in just one minute.


Game is very simple, so it will require a minimum of skills from you. Just indicate direction of movement.