Crazynite io

Crazynite io Battle Royale is a new game mode that combines all the most popular components in this style. In addition, in start window you will find several new modes offered by game. You can fight surrounded by zombies or fight face to face with online enemies where everyone is armed with the same random weapon. Try to survive according to Battle Royale laws or enjoy perfect original version of Crazy Nite io war according to Deathmatch rules.

Crazynite io

Crazynite io game -

How to play

Crazynite io game in any mode begins with the fact that you descend to battlefield from top. At this time, you can adjust your landing site. Further rules of warfare depend on the mode you choose. Accordingly, in Crazynite io Battle Royale mode you have to survive till last, in deathmatch war you have to score points, in Crazynite io Zombie you have to fighy only with zombs.


AWSD - move.
Spacebar - land quickly.
Mouse and click to aim and shoot.
E - open box and pick up.
Change weapons - click on icon in inventory or mouse wheel.
Discard trash from inventory - grab to drag and drop on battlefield.
Heal - select first-aid kit and hold left mouse button to restore health.