Crazy PUBG Pixel 3

Crazy PUBG Pixel 3 is an online Battle Royal game available for playing in any browser without downloading. The pixel version of PUBG is greatly simplified compared to the original game. Nevertheless, the essence of the game has remained unchanged. That is, land on the battlefield, which will gradually decrease and fight to remain the last. The obvious difference is that you can arm yourself a bit and stock up on ammunition before the main battle begins.

Crazy PUBG Pixel 3

Crazy PUBG Pixel 3 game

How to play

Try to arm better for the first 30 seconds. All that you find will be with you at the time of disembarkation. The constant shortage of cartridges is another feature that you need to pay attention to in Crazy PUBG Pixel 3.


WASD - move
LMB - shoot
F - take
TAB - open inventory
1,2.. - switch weapon