BuildRoyale io

BuildRoyale io is excellent Battle Royale io game in the most popular style. A feature of the Build Royale io game is the possibility of building fortifications in the new surviv io game where you have to fight till last man at shrinking map.
You need to extract some resources for the construction of walls. To be successful and win the match you still have to bet on the fight itself, not on creating protective walls. It is advisable to make short-term shelters, rather than build powerful bunkers. Especially if you remember about the presence of an obligatory component for this genre - a narrowing of the playing space.

BuildRoyale io

BuildRoyale io game

How to play

To build something you need materials. You can get it from anything, even from furniture inside the house. For the extraction you need a pick, which you have at the beginning of the game. Try to make a supply of materials before the main battle begins.


Everything simple and usual.
AWSD to move.
Aim with the mouse and shoot LMB.
Shift - to accelerate.
1-6 - to choose item in inventory.
E - to pick up.
Q - start and stop building mode.