Bois io is the first 3D Battle Royale io. The battle in Bois io game, as befits all games in the Battle Royale category, occurs on the principle of survival until the last player. This surviving lucky 3D boy becomes the winner in the game.

Bois io game is not available now. View list of other Battle Royale io games.

Bois io

Bois io game

How to play

In the game Bois io 3D Battle Royale, the rules of the battle have changed slightly compared to popular games in this category. You can and must start playing before the battle begins. You fall from heaven to a neutral territory that will eventually become forbidden. Here you must prepare for the battle in the allotted time period. The time that is at your disposal you can see on screen. Until the expiration of the deadline, you must get to the cube in which the battle will occur. Visually, this cube is more like a luminous cylinder. The space around the cube is very large and you need to hurry to be in time in the battle zone. If you stay outside the cube then the character dies.
Rules in the game Bois io correspond the usual for the Royal Battle. The area of the cube, that is, the size of the battlefield, will gradually decrease and push opponents to a fierce confrontation. It will be unacceptable for you to be out of it. That is, in any case have to fight to survive.
To begin with, you need to prepare properly for the battle. To do this, try to find the maximum set of tools for combat. Weapons and ammunition you can find in secluded places inside buildings.