game is an online battle that combines popular Battle Royale mode with classic io games elements. In Blade io battle you need to collect sharp weapons scattered on battlefield and fight for survival using attack and deffence modes. This game is very fast and intense. Usually rounds last about a minute. At the end there is only one will survive.

Blade io game now is blocked. But you can play the same game from crazygames named
Enjoy nice battle royale! game

How to play

To start battle you need to press and hold left mouse button indicating direction of movement with cursor. Collect weapons to strengthen your swords ring. This ring is your weapon and your defense.
When confronted with a big opponent, the only way to survive is to go into defense mode. To do this, unhold attack button.
In addition to rivals, you face other dangers on battlefield. Do not touch yellow obstacles and do not approach black holes.
Earned money can be spent on improving skills. On your choice you can increase speed, attack, defense, making money.


Pointer to move.
Click - switch modes of attack and defense.