Battleroyale io

Battleroyale io the game in popular Battle Royale io style. The game takes place on the territory of a fantastic base in space. The rules of this game are well known to all admirers of the eponymous style. You control a character who does not have anything at the beginning of the round. You need to find and collect different types of weapons. You also need to stock up with protection and treatment bonuses to use what you need.

Battleroyale io

Battleroyale io game

How to play

Map in the game Battleroyale io is quite large and varied. A lot of rooms and passageways in the twilight create a mysterious situation. The task in the game is standard - you need to survive all. Only one wins.
For a more comfortable game it is desirable to register.
At the beginning of the game, you can specify the place of disembarkation on the battlefield. Find weapons and various bonuses you can in terminals glowing bright green light. To open just stay near. You can pick up Items automatically when you come close. Use the opportunity to restore health if necessary.


Use WASD to move.
Shoot LMB. Use the cursor to aim.
Change your weapon by mouse wheel.
To use the bonus, click on the icon.