Agario Battle Royale

Agario Battle Royale is a version of the popular game of with the addition of Battle Royal rules. This means that the basic principle of the Agar io game remained unchanged, but added the rule Last man alive wins. That is, after the round, only one should remain.
The game goes in survival mode. So, players gradually go out. Of course, now we have a reduction in the playing space, which is an integral part of all the games in the classic style of Battle Royale.

Agario Battle Royale

Agario Battle Royale game

How to play

After Agario Battle Royale begins, you find yourself on waiting area. Typically, the waiting time is a few seconds. Here, a group is formed to begin the battle. As soon as the number of players reaches the norm, the game begins. All players are moving to gain weight. In this case, as usual, the character moves behind the cursor. Like in famous Agar .io the more mass the less speed. For separation and acceleration, use a spacebar. Aimed mass ejection for enemy attack occurs in the direction of the cursor. Do not forget that the battle area will gradually decrease. So watch the mini-map to avoid being in the restricted area.
Try and enjoy new Agario Battle Royale mode.


Character follows cursor.
Space - split